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Social Distancing Tips for GOSS students during 
We know staying home is hard, but you are truly making a real difference

1. Create a Routine

Wake up at a regular time and try to stick to consistent studying hours. Try to work smart and take scheduled breaks, especially breaks from looking at the computer or phone screen.


2. Eat Healthy

Set up a meal schedule every day and try not to deviate from it. This includes the time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snacks along the way - why not!). Be sure to eat healthy and avoid junk food. Also, STAY HYDRATED by drinking liquids regularly throughout the day!


3. Exercise

Even though you don't have access to a gym, try to find ways to stay physically active at home. 30 minutes is all it takes. Go on YouTube and search "home workout ideas" for some excellent videos and tips about exercising from your home!


4. Create a nice workspace

Have a desk for your studies in your room, and keep it organized. This will set the tone for you when you need to study. Make sure to allow a comfortable amount of light into your room, keep it clean, and have the sturdy utensils and technology you need to get your work done.


5. Avoid Distractions

We all are easily distracted in the age of electronics, and especially when you are at home. We get how hard it can be to turn off your phone. But during study time, keep your phone off. Don't let your messenger friends, YouTube videos, or Netflix, get in the way of your online lessons and assignments. Keep work and play separate -- make enough time for both!


6. Connect with people (don't socially isolate yourself!)

Staying home may make you feel isolated from other people. But it is important to keep in touch with your family and friends. Don't keep yourself away from them, and don't ignore them when they try to reach out to you.


Don't worry, this will all end soon enough