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About GOSS

Great Oaks Secondary School (GOSS) provides high-quality learning. Our unique small size class, caring staff and flexible semesters format foster a climate that provides our students with a high school experience optimized for their personal growth and development. Our primary goal is to unlock the individual potential of each of our local and international students by providing a stimulating and encouraging learning environment.

Great Oaks Secondary School offers high-quality programs that foster positive learning experiences and allow students to strive for academic excellence. The school, furthermore, places the utmost emphasis on the continued progress of teaching methodologies in order to provide students with the highest and most up-to-date educational experience.


Our Mission
Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to provide a culturally-diverse environment for students from around the globe and enable them to become active learners and well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to the world.  It is vital for our school to be recognized in the community as one that achieves high academic standards, and whose students and graduates are citizens of good character. The most important criteria for measuring the success of our mission will be our ability to attract students based on our vision; the high number of graduating students entering post-secondary institutions; and the resulting sense of satisfaction and reward felt by the GOSS community.


...who are confident, respectful, responsible citizens of the world, with the necessary tools to be successful in life and to contribute positively to society.


...that is well-defined, purposeful, diverse, well-balanced, challenging, and engaging, and which serves to interconnect mind, body, and soul.


...that is a professional learning community: well educated, yet continuing to grow professionally through on-going learning, cooperation, collaboration, and mutual support; and consisting of people who serve as positive role models for students and their parents.


...that understands and appreciates Great Oaks' role and is willing to be a partner in engaging with the issues that affect the local community.

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